A claim of birr 16.8 million paid to MM Bedding Industries PLC.
Claim paid to Addis Ababa City Bus Service Enterprise (Birr 16,154,196)
The greate Ethiopian Renaissance dam, which has been provided Insurance cover by EIC
EIC's future head office building design
Ambulance, donated to Mekedonia, Home for the Elderly and Mentally Disabled people.
Best performance award

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Provides more than 30 types of non life Insurance policies. Non life insurance policies are used to cover property and liability risks.The Corporation revises its policies regularly and produces new policies based on the country’s current economic development and the demand of customers. More…
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Renders more than 15 types of polices in the life Insurance Sector. Life insurance policies can be bought individually and in-group, which enable the insured to get various benefits. The benefit gained from these insurance policies depends on the choice of the customers. More…
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