Ethiopian Insurance Corporation has paid a claim of above 16.1million birr

Ethiopian Insurance Corporation has paid a claim of above 16.1million birr.

The Ethiopian Insurance CorporationEIC has paid a claim of Birr 16,154,196 million to Anbessa City Bus Service Enterprise on April 20, 2017 at CEOs meeting hall for property damaged due to fire accident

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Ato Netsanet Lemessa handing over the cheque

The loss occurred on February 11/2017 in the enterprises garage which is found around Jemo area. Eleven buses and spare parts in the store have been totally destroyed by the fire. In addition, some buses which were found around the fire were flamed.
On the claim settlement ceremony, Ato Netsanet Lemessa, Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Insurance Corporation, said that such a large amount of claim payments made, witnesses that EIC is always a reliable partner and confirmed that EICs reliability will also continue in the future. The CEO also added that the Corporation has paid the same amount of money above 16 million birr to MM Bedding Industries within the same budget year proving the Corporations financial strength to carry huge risks.
Ato Leul Haile General Manager of the Anbessa City Bus Service Enterprise said that the settlement of the claim on time enables the enterprise to come back to its previous status and to save its employees from being jobless which in tu assures the continuity of its contribution in the growth of the countrys economy. According to the General Manager, the fast response of the Ethiopian Insurance Corporation would make the enterprise to maintain its stability and the huge support helped gain peace of mind for the enterprise and its employees. The GM of the Enterprise extends his appreciation to the Corporation enabling the enterprise to continue its business as usual, making the Corporation EIC a true pride for the country.