Vision & mision


“To be a world class insurer by the year, 2025”


“We provide our customers an efficient and reliable insurance service and engage in investment activities by deploying the right mix of expertise, the state of the art technology and cost effective strategy. In doing so, we contribute to the sustainable development of the national economy and play a vital role in the industry.”

Core Values

  • Customer Focused: We seek first to understand the needs and expectations of our customers and we deliver on them;
  • Development Partner: We are partner in the Government’s development program;
  • Pro-Activeness: We provide professional advice to our customers on loss prevention and control;
  • Excellence: We are aware of our performance and we constantly strive to deliver better than the last time in everything we do;
  • Transparency and Accountability: We take positive responsibility for the planning, successful execution and delivery of our services;
  • Team Work: We help each other to do better and together we support one another to keep the promise we made to our customers; and
  • Professional Ethics: we value Playing a pivotal professional Role aimed at meeting ethical standards in the insurance industry as a whole.
  • Learning Organization: We value continual learning and use state of the art technology.