Pre need Funeral

Supplementary Pre-need Funeral Expenses Rider

This supplementary contract is an integral part of the Permanent Assurance Policy (herein after called the policy). The policy effects the payment of the sum assured on the death of the policy holder; to the beneficiary (i.e) nominated in the proposal and declaration for assurance.

Termination of Individual Member’s Insurance

A member%u2019s cover under this policy shall automatically terminate if the person ceases to be a member of the assured.

Notice of claim

Death intimation as well as transmission of benefits will be through the policyholder. Claim settlement shall be made within 48 hours of receipt of notice of death from the policyholder. The policyholder will submit to the Corporation a letter confirming death, original burial permit and national identity card or birth certificate of the deceased. Benefits are payable to policyholder on behalf of the beneficiary.

The policyholder will furnish the Corporation with the original death certificate of the deceased not later than sixty days after the claim has been settled.

Payment of Death Duties

The Corporation may deduct from any benefit payable under the terms of this policy and tax or duties for which the Corporation may be accountable by reason of the payment benefit.

Currency and Jurisdiction

All monies payable hereunder whether in form of premiums or benefits shall be made in the currency of Ethiopia and this policy shall be construed in accordance with the Laws of Ethiopian.

Judicial Execution

If the member%u2019s death is caused as a consequence of the execution of a judicial sentence of death, the policy shall be void and all payments made to the Corporation shall be forfeited.

War Risks

Notwithstanding anything contained to the contrary in this Policy, if death should occur directly from war, Invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or War-like operations (whether war declared or not), Civil war, rebellion, revolution, Insurrection, military or usurped power, or popular uprising, martial Law, strike, riot, civil commotion or mutiny, no sum assured will be paid under this Policy.


No %u2018waiting period%u2019 will apply on claims.


This brochure is prepared to elaborate about “Life Insurance Riders”, provided by the Corporation. Therefore, legally it shall not come to force.