Condominium Insurance

Special features of the policy

This policy is a combined policy in that it is divided in to sections having special exclusions and conditions. This policy is divided in to three sections

Section I: Insurance of the Building

By Building we mean
a) The condominium and land lord’s fixtures and fittings
b) Patios, terraces, root paths, drives, walls, fences and gates
c) Swimming pools and tennis courts
d) Docks, jettis, piers, seawalls or similar water side structures

Scope of cover to this section

Loss or damage by the following causes
1. Fire and lightning
2. Hurricane, cyclone, tornado, wind storm, earthquake, Flood, Volcanic eruption, Tidal wave including flood following any of these causes
3. Water escaping from or freezing of water tanks apparatus or pipes or water or oil escaping from a fixed heating or cooking installation
4. Riot, strikes, malicious act, theft, falling trees or branches, falling satellite television dishes, television or radio antennae, antennae fittings, towers or solar heating panels
5. collision involving vehicles, animals, aircraft or aerial devices or any thing dropped from them
6. Accidental damage to cables or underground services supplying the condominium for which the insured is legally responsible.
7. Accidental breakage of glass or sanitary ware fixed to and forming part of the condominium.

Section II: Insurance of the contents

By contents we mean furniture, carpets, furnishings and all other property in the common areas, office contents or contents of the unit which belongs to the insured or are the legal responsibilities of the insured contents against loss or damage by the above causes (1-7)

Section III. Liability to the public

The insured will be indemnified against liability at law for damages and claimants costs and expenses in respect of

a) accidental bodily injury to persons
b) accidental physical damage to tangible property happening with in the geographical area of the building.